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& Digital Media Expert.

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Anthony Samani | Designer , Front-end Web Developer, Digital Media Artist.

Hello, World!

"I build castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of my imagination." - The Mythical Man Month.

My name is Anthony Samani. I am a Web Designer, Front End Developer, and Digital Media Expert currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah where I have been doing remote work and on-site work for angencies and clients alike for the last half decade.

Web Designer

I love simplistic content, I respect clean design patters & intergrate thoughtful UX/UI interactions.

I Enjoy Designing:

Website Designs, Simplistic Logos, Sitemaps, & UX UI Interfaces

Design Tools:
  • Adobe Suite
  • inVision & Sketch
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Suite
  • Pen & Paper

Front-End Developer

I love to breaking down complex problems & creating simplistic, beautiful, & lightweight platforms.

Dev Tools I Use:

HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, jQuery, React.

Dev Tools:
  • Visual Studio
  • Wordpress & cPanel
  • GitHub
  • NPM
  • Google Dev Tools

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.

A lightweight, responsive, and simplistic landing page for a tech startup.

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June. 2019
JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap 4.
Kingsmen Capital Corporation

A mobile friendly, responsive, and elegant website for a Luxury Real Estate company.

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Aug. 2019
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS.
Salt Lake City Charity

A fully responsive landing page for a local charity I am helping launch.

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July. 2020 - Currently Designing & Developing.

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